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Charlie Mora

Charles (Charlie) Mora is a health educator, personal trainer and licensed massage therapist. He is the owner and director of Excel Sports International, Inc., located in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Charlie brings over 10 years experience in clinical massage and twelve years experience in personal training to Excel’s Health Education Team.

Charlie serves as a health and fitness consultant for Florida TODAY newspaper, and is frequently quoted as an expert source in its published fitness articles. A talk he presented to the newspaper’s employees was judged to be among the most popular given as part of the organization’s on-going "Brown Bag Lunch" series.

Charlie was chosen by the Olympic Athletic Committee to treat athletes at the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta.

His clinical experience includes rehab work to orthopedic surgeons and chiropractors. He has worked extensively with University of Florida athletes in the areas of track and field, baseball, tennis, golf, and gymnastics. He has trained and treated Olympic track and field Gold Medalists Mark Everett, Dennis Mitchell and Michelle Finn.

Charlie developed the sport massage internship at the University of Central Florida and taught sports massage at Reese Institute in Orlando and the Space Coast Massage Institute in Cocoa Beach. He has spoken to many civic groups throughout Brevard County and Central Florida. He is frequently called upon to visit elementary school children to talk with them about the importance of eating properly, especially with regard to brain power and athletic prowess!

In simple terms, Charlie tells you - no matter what your age, gender, economic status or education level - what foods you should eat to stay young, fit and trim, and which foods to avoid like the plague! Which minerals, vitamins and proteins are vital for staving off middle age aches and pains and keeping your body healthy. How to make the connection that what we eat and do determines what we are and what we can be.

His approach is fresh, provocative, humorous, and no nonsense. In follow up surveys, he rates highest among the speakers and is frequently sought after through word of mouth referrals.

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Judy Bailey

Judy Bailey is a wife, mother of 3 and grandmother of 2 (a young grandmother).  Her profession is a First Grade Teacher's Aide but her passion is personal training, running and cycling.

Judy was introduced to training and fitness by accident...literally.  Twelve years ago while driving, she was rear-ended by another driver and suffered serious back injuries.  She went to Cocoa Beach Chiropractor Dr. Dan Sickles for treatment.  His advice was to see Sports Therapist Charlie Mora at Excel Sports International.  His initial treatment was massage therapy along with incorporating a strength training program.  Amazed by her recovery, Judy was hooked on fitness!

Under Charlie's direction, Judy became a Certified Fitness Instructor and began running and cycling.  She has completed numerous 5K, 10K, and 15K road races.  In 2005 she ran the Disney Half-Marathon and in 2006 she completed the full Disney Marathon.  In 2007, Judy completed both the Disney Half Marathon and the full Marathon on consecutive days earning the prestigious "Goofy" medal.  She has also completed a number of team relay triathlons and twice she has completed the Bike Across Florida.  In July 2003, Judy traveled to Puerto Rico to train athletes for the XV World Master Track & Field Championships.

Judy has inspired many friends and acquaintances to take up fitness programs including her husband Chris who often assists Judy and Charlie at Excel Sports in Cocoa Beach.



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