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Hair Mineral Analysis at Excel Sports


What exactly is hair analysis?

Your hair reflects all the minerals present in your body.  In most cases, it also reflects how much of these elements are in your tissues.  Results from hair mineral analysis provide a vivid picture of your internal environment.  With this information a world of metabolic events can be interpreted.  Not only your nutritional status can be viewed, but we can also learn much about how efficiently your body is working.  

How can hair analysis help me achieve better health?

If we consider that diet is what we consume and nutrition is what we retain, then we can see that discovering what your body needs when it needs is a valuable tool in creating health.  After 30 years of research, hair analysis has emerged as the most practical method of testing for mineral balance in your body.  This valuable tool indicates which supplements you need and which ones you should avoid.  Your hair analysis report is designed to help you and your health practitioner determine the best nutritional program for you. 

How do I know that my results are reliable?

With a properly obtained sample, hair analysis is extremely reliable.  Highly sophisticated instruments and software programs allow for extensive quality control. 

How are the results of the hair analysis interpreted?

After the chemical breakdown analysis your test sample is interpreted evaluating several hundred factors such as nutritional mineral levels, heavy metals and metabolic categorization.  Your individual TEI Hair Analysis Report emerges complete with graphs and accompanying explanations as well as a technical report for your health care professional.  You may learn a lot about your body as well as your overall health possibly including answers you have been seeking for years.



What about contamination - hair dyes and soaps - won't these affect my results?

Certain cosmetic hair treatments can contaminate scalp hair such as dyes that contain lead acetate, bleaching processes that artificially affect calcium and medicated shampoos that contain zinc or selenium.  However, only the individual element(s) is affected and with our extensive ability for interpreting and comparing results these effects can be overcome.

What does a hair analysis test consist of?

First you provide a sample of your hair.  This hair should come from several areas of your scalp and the back portion of your head.  You simply part the hair and cut as close to the head as possible.  Cut away any excess hair from the sample leaving about 1 to 1 1/2 inches of the root end.  The total hair needed is about a tablespoon.  If you cannot send scalp hair, nails and pubic hair samples can be used.  Be aware that the results may not reflect your most recent mineral balance because these tissues grow more slowly than scalp hair. 
Your sample is then sent to a lab where it is prepared for testing using several specialized procedures developed by Trace Elements Inc. (TEI).  The sample is placed in multiple test tubes and then special acids are added to begin the chemical "breakdown" of the hair sample.  The acids combine with the high temperature environment that allows separation of the elements contained in the hair protein.  Once the hair is completely "digested" only the mineral salts remain.  These minerals are placed in solution and are then analyzed by highly sensitive and specialized instruments.

How do I arrange a hair mineral analysis?

Contact Charlie Mora at Excel Sports to arrange a TEI Hair Mineral Analysis

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